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  • Real Talk with Giuseppe-Establishing good credit as an immigrant in San Diego

    Monday, August 28, 2017   /   by Joe Corbisiero

    Real Talk with Giuseppe-Establishing good credit as an immigrant in San Diego

    Ciao! On this episode of Real Talk with Giuseppe, I sit down with Athenea Luciano and Sean Scales on some rather interesting and controversial topics. 

    Here is a brief bio on Athenea. 


    Former immigration official for Dept. of Homeland Security-

    Athena was instrumental in opening the SENTRI’s dedicated commuter lane in San Ysidro, CA (the largest land border in the United States)

    received a medal of honor for honesty & integrity while serving homeland security

    “Family based” immigration is her focus. They do not handle business visas.

    Giving back to the community has been a commitment of hers - her speaking engagements for students led to speaking at agencies such as sheriff departments, high schools, colleges, etc.

    Within one year of being in business she was named Businesswoman of the Year - she is private- she is not a nonprofit. However, she wanted to open up an opportunity to explain how the process works for those who cannot pay for the service which is why she wrote a book- chapter by chapter on your unique immigration situation - this is how you can file an application on your own

    Scope of services- getting green cards (first time) for immediate family members, extending temporary tourist visas, adjustment of status & naturalization petitions.

    call to action: ensuring that eligible candidates apply for a greencard and if they already have a green card, become a U.S. citizen.

    Used to be that applicants who were 75 older didn’t have to get fingerprints and pay those fees associated.

    Generally the questions asked of you at naturalization test were simple- now it’s much more difficult. There are 100 possible questions. They’re not as traditional as they used to be.

    ISSD coach their clients about how to answer the questions, how to speak, covering tattoos. - not limited to CA or San Diego- clients all over the country.

    They are taking away a lot of their programs.

    U.S Ultimate Guide (facebook page)

    She connects so well with the community because she tells her story- it resonates with the local community- she comes from immigrant parents herself- the irony of her working at a high level with dept of homeland security when her father was deported when she was 3. Was able to rise the ranks of the very government who deported her father.

    And some information on Sean Scales:

    Client base is growing- growing the team- transitioning to student loan consolidation venture- getting clients reduced, funding program- clients with the high credit scores that they’ve helped- can get them up to $200,000 funding in 30 days or less.

    Real estate agents and brokers are constantly calling him

    Majority of clients are older than him- they often don’t believe that he’s the owner because he’s so young.

    700 clients in 2.5 years.

    He has a credit attorney

    They have not been doing marketing it’s all been word of mouth

    People reach out for 401ks and tax reasons- they’re winning top financial advising company and they’re up for it again this year- they are want to be as comprehensive as possible so they can really be the go-to in the market- one stop shop.