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  • How To Sell Your Home, Without Leaving Any Money On The Table In San Diego

    Friday, September 21, 2018   /   by Joe Corbisiero

    How To Sell Your Home, Without Leaving Any Money On The Table In San Diego


    Marketing Your Home

    If you watch the news, listen to the Radio, or have access to the Internet, you’ve probably seen many advertisements and commercials  promoting flat fee or discounting listing services. But the REAL question is….do they really save you money? So let’s take a look at the difference between a FULL SERVICE, and a FLAT Fee Brokerage!

    The FIRST thing you’ve got to keep in mind, is that BOTH OPTIONS
    have their merit. But they come at a cost!

    When you list a home with a full service real estate broker, you expect them to list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in your area, to market the home through traditional advertising and to be there to show the home to potential buyers.

    On the other hand, a flat listing real estate agent may charge a flat fee for their services. In some cases that flat fee might be to include your property on the MLS, and maybe put a sign in the yard, and that’s it. You will have to show the property, field calls from potential buyers and other brokers and do all the work. There are other variations on the amount of work that a flat fee listing broker will do for you – the more you want done, naturally, the higher the fee.

    Now, I’m not here to throw my industry under the bus. But, please BE AWARE of the “marketing plan” 98% of Realtor’s use when they list a home is to put your property in the MLS and pop a sign in the yard. Based on what you’ve already read here, that sounds like Flat Fee Service to me.

    What you want, and what you deserve if you’re paying for full service listing services

    A good Realtor can easily share their marketing plan with you, and since I’m a good Realtor, I’m going to do just that. You see, I’m not an average Realtor, I’m a marketer and I create the buzz about houses for sale using a real marketing plan.  It’s like how big brands sell their products, but I do it for real estate. That said, let’s talk about how I market your home to sell!

    You can decide if you want to hire me or go with the over priced limited service providers (98% of Realtors) out there.  No offense to my colleagues, but I’m competing against you…

    The process I’m about to share with you is what separates my service from Flat Fee Service Providers, I use a seven step, strategic process to market homes. Keep reading to learn the difference between a FULL SERVICE, and a FLAT Fee Brokerage.

    The Dream Homes Team Full Service Marketing Plan

    1) Pricing & Positioning

    No matter how well I market your property, if it is priced too high, it just won’t sell. I think that your
    OWES it to you to tell you that. If it’s priced too low, you leave money on the table and miss out on the equity you’ve worked to build. Strategic pricing is crucial to sell your home for top dollar in the shortest amount of time. Price it right & sell it quick!

    Pricing is an important part of how you position your property for sale to the public, but it’s not the only way. This is how you play Jedi mind tricks with your potential buyer so they make an offer.

    2) Staging & De-cluttering

    Making your home show ready is important for maximizing value. Removing clutter helps open rooms and prepares it for showings. No one wants to walk in to a hoarder house, nor do they want to feel like they are making an offer on a home right out of “That 70’s Show”. I advise you on how to de-clutter, de personalize, and make your home as close to a magazine as possible.

    3) Amazing Pictures & Videos

    Your home’s first showing is taking place online. Our marketing team includes a photographer-2179204_640.jpgprofessional photographer and videographer to make that first impression the best impression possible. They say that “the camera adds 10 pounds.” Why not use them to add 10% to your selling price? Same logic… I guess.

    In today’s marketing YOU NEED video in addition to good photographs for your home marketing plan.


    4) Online Marketing

    The top four real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Homes.com) have close to 100 million visits per month. Our marketing targets those websites as well as YouTube, which is the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. Our marketing dude is an expert in SEO, and frequently ranks our videos on the first page of the search engines. We also make extensive use of Social media, sharing our listings with our networks, as well as other targeted user groups.

    5) List on the MLS

    One of the most important additions to the real estate industry was the creation of the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service. Think of it as the Amazon.com of real estate. This shows the real estate world that your property is on the market. 69% of home buyers found their homes through the use of a Realtor – almost all of whom use the MLS to search. This makes the MLS an essential part of my marketing arsenal. As an added bonus, most real estate search sites pull their data directly from there so you get on the MLS, you’re everywhere.

    6) Offline Marketing

    As important as the internet is for home buyers, when marketing your home there is still a need for offline efforts as well. A “For Sale” sign will catch the eyes of prospective buyers and spark interest from anyone who sees it. The only form of print advertising we use is direct mail, because it works. Nosy neighbors are actually the best marketers for a property, because they know the area and often times they know someone looking to move. In addition to postcards, we send email “cards” to our database as well. I will show you what works and what’s a waste of marketing dollars!

    7) Create a Buzz

    We have a very specific schedule that we adhere to in order to reach the most prospective buyers. That allows time to plan & properly advertise open houses for buyers & incentives for brokers’ open houses. We do everything short of standing on a cliff and yelling to tell people about our listing, and that’s mainly because there’s not many cliffs in within our city’s limits. Creating the buzz for your property is extremely important in the first 14 days of your property being listed.  I want a line out the door!

    It’s important to keep in mind that EVERY DAY, thousands of listings expire on the MLS, because the agents who are listing those properties aren’t relying on a proven, strategic marketing plan that gets results. They’re relying on the Three Ps, Putting a sign in your yard, Putting an add on the MLS, and Praying for an offer. We can all agree that that isn’t what you want, it isn’t what you need, nor is it worth 7% of the purchase price once your property sells. Full Service Price, DESERVES Full Service Marketing!

    Thinking about selling? Know someone thinking of selling??
    I’d love to put my plan to work for you. Let’s talk about it!


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