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  • 3 Ways To Position Your House To Sell In San Diego

    Tuesday, November 27, 2018   /   by Joe Corbisiero

    3 Ways To Position Your House To Sell In San Diego

    House Positioning Is Everything!

    Marketing your house for sale the RIGHT WAY is all about proper positioning.  Many people do not fully understand what proper positioning is. Positioning is the term I use to refer to how we make your house appear to the general public.  It is how your home is portrayed in image, tone, and even pricing.

    It’s the basis of how we market your house for sale.

    Who are we trying to reach?

    Who is the most ideal buyer for this property?  

    To properly advertise your house for sale you need to find out the who, what, where, when, and why someone would want to buy your property.  Once we can answer all of those questions then we can begin to create the story board for your home to get it ready to take to market.  Proper positioning is what ties everything together.

    Think like the big brands!

    Big brands position and cater to their intended audience.   You want to market your house the same way a big brand would market their products to the general public.  You will see a HUGE difference in showings, market time, and offers by proper positioning.  There are 3 ways to position a house for sale.  Let’s start with pricing.

    Pricing Positioning

    price postioning

    Pricing is the most important part of positioning.  A good marketing plan for a house should have a 2-3 step pre-planned pricing strategy should a seller not get enough traction with their initial price offering.

    You want to know what your next move will be ahead of time should your initial list price not create enough traffic to generate an offer. Having this planned will allow you to reposition your pricing quickly so you do not accumulate too much market time, which always invites low ball offers.

    The number one criteria consumers ultimately search off of is price.  Go look on any of the major search engines and you will realize that search prices tend to be in $25,000-$50,000 increments.  People search up to $100,000, $125,000, 150,000, and so on(if this is their price point).  You want to take this into consideration when determining your initial list price.

    Every time a price change occurs and your list price changes in a $25,000 increment you will target a new pool of potential buyers who previously were not seeing your property.

    Description Positioning

    The remarks used when describing a home for sale are essential.  It’s important to tell a story of the home as the description rather than trying to hard sell it.  Potential buyers are looking for an investment, but also a home to live in.

    Description positioning

    Based on the type of property you are trying to sell, you need to position your property to speak to that ideal buyer.  If you are selling an investment property the remarks should be focused on numbers, cash on cash return, net operating income, gross operating income, and CAP rates.

    If I am selling a single family home, the remarks will be talking about school districts, local restaurants, and parks. They are more focused on lifestyle.

    When listing your home for sale it’s very important to tell your agent the things you love most about the property.  Make sure you tell them how you take walks to the lake or how you love the short walk to the train.  Your agent needs to write a story board for your house so that they can speak to potential buyers to strike an emotional cord with them

    Marketing Positioning

    When you are marketing your home for sale, your agent should be targeting where your buyer is more than likely to come from. An aggressive agent will chase your buyer vs. just placing a sign in the yard and list it on the MLS.  You want to proactively market the home in places you believe the buyer will come from.

    Marketing positioning is targeting your marketing efforts  on the ideal geographic location and/or demographics of your potential buyer.

    Once you have created your ideal buyer avatar for your home, it’s time to find out where they hang out!  This is the fun part!Facbook likes

    With the use of social media you can really zero in and market towards your ideal buyer avatar.  I can only give you one example so that my competition does not rip off my secrets!  In Facebook ads, you can target people based on location, zip code, or even what Facebook pages they like.  You can target a specific audience that matches your ideal demographics that is “likely to move”. It’s really amazing what you can do nowadays!

    In Conclusion

    I hope this information helped you understand all the the different ways you can position your home for sale.  As you can see it’s a full time job!

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